Over a hundred years, Häcker has mastered the alchemy of turning the finest quality of wood, metal, and stone into luxurious and functional
kitchens. Pick from a cornucopia of materials that have been carefully curated for quality and durability. The possibilities are endless.

Introducing a better way to renovate

Design with distinction

Imagine a renovation experience that’s stress-free, efficient, and inspiring. It’s time to turn your vision into reality with the trusted experts at Kitchen Design. Whether you’re considering a kitchen makeover, a bathroom remodel, or a complete home transformation, we’re here to guide you through the process and deliver results that will exceed your expectations.

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A Minimalist Interior Can Change Your Mood

Furniture Design

We understand that every space is unique, and your furniture should be too. That’s why we offer custom furniture design services. Collaborate with our design team to create pieces that are tailored to your exact specifications, from dimensions to finishes, ensuring a perfect fit for your home. 

Furniture Manufacture

Our commitment to craftsmanship is at the heart of everything we do. Each piece of furniture that leaves our workshop is a testament to the skill, precision, and passion of our team. We understand that fine furniture is an investment, and we ensure that every detail is meticulously attended to

Interior Design

At Kitchen Design, we believe that a well-designed interior can transform spaces and elevate lifestyles. Welcome to a world of creativity, functionality, and aesthetics. Whether you’re looking to revamp a single room or reimagine your entire living space, we’re here to turn your interior design dreams into reality.

House Staging

If your property is vacant, our team can fully furnish and decorate it to create an inviting atmosphere that resonates with potential buyers.We work with your existing furnishings and decor, reimagining your space to maximize its appeal.

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Bespoke Design

Creating spaces that enhance the human experience

We believe that great design serves a purpose. It should not only be visually appealing but also functional, comfortable, and meaningful. Our approach begins with a deep understanding of your needs, aspirations, and the unique character of the space. This understanding becomes the foundation upon which we build environments that enhance your daily life.

  • Holistic Design

  • Sustainability Matters

  • Emotionally Engaging

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