From a local wooden utility goods craftsman, in the forests of southern Sweden, to a world-leading inventor and producer of modern hardwood floors;  the 160-year history of Kährs is the story of a strong passion for nature and for wood as a material, combined with innovative thinking and a commitment to highest quality standards.

Nordic Homeworx was established in 2006 by Swedish native Pauline Madani and is today the exclusive agent of Kährs of Sweden in the UAE and Middle East, offering turnkey supply and installation services of Kährs wood flooring for both residential and commercial clients.

A professional designer will work with you

Our designers bring a wealth of expertise and experience to every project. They have a deep understanding of design principles, architectural nuances, and industry trends. With years of experience, they have honed their craft to deliver exceptional results.

Bespoke textile design and production
Furniture production and delivery
Lighting consultation and installation
Furniture staging for events and sales

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we proudly stand at the forefront of contemporary American living, redefining the way we design and experience modern lifestyles. Our commitment to innovation, functionality, and aesthetics has positioned us as leaders in shaping the future of living spaces.

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